Pond Safety Systems, Pond Grids & Water Alarms to ensure that your child is safe near  your garden or fish pond or near open water
Pond safety systems, SAFADECK pond gridEasily holds the weight of an adultSimple DIY installationFully installed option availableCan be installed above or just below water level


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Pond Safety Systems

Is Your Pond Safe For Your Children?

We are here to promote effective solutions to the dangers of garden & fish ponds and open water to young children.

As Ireland's leading supplier and installer of pond safety grids we recognise the importance of protecting children before an accident happens.

As a responsible parent you know the attraction water holds to young children and that you can't watch your child 100% of the time.

The children most at risk from drowning often don't understand these dangers. As a result, natural curiousity has led to the deaths of 111 children under the age of 5 in the last 10 years, mostly when supervision has momententarily lapsed.

Children between the the ages of 1 and 2 are especially at risk and it is not until the age of 4 or 5 that children
begin to understand the concept of danger.

Whilst there is no substitute for adult supervision our pond safety solutions will mean you can still keep your pond or water feature whilst keeping your children safe.

Watch the film of Safadeck being fitted on YouTube

Feel free to look at the range of safety solutions we offer or simply contact us with your pond's dimensions and we'll happily discuss the options available to suit your budget.